Our friends at Techdirt have a pretty scary story about how Golden Frog (an online security and privacy company) reports that an unnamed "wireless broadband Internet access provider" is directly interfering with a common e-mail encryption technology.  This is bad news indeed, since it not only means that this company is actively taking anti-Net neutrality steps, but also that these steps are making everyone less safe online in general.  And who knows what else this unnamed company might decide to block next?  


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Revealed: ISPs Already Violating Net Neutrality To Block Encryption And Make Everyone Less Safe Online

   courtesy of Techdirt


One of the most frequent refrains from the big broadband players and their friends who are fighting against net neutrality rules is that there's no evidence that ISPs have been abusing a lack of net neutrality rules in the past, so why would they start now? That does ignore multiple instances of violations in the past, but in combing through the comments submitted to the FCC concerning net neutrality, we came across one very interesting one that actually makes some rather stunning revelations about the ways in which ISPs are currently violating net neutrality/open internet principles in a way designed to block encryption and thus make everyone a lot less secure. The filing comes from VPN company Golden Frog and discusses "two recent examples that show that users are not receiving the open, neutral, and uninterrupted service to which the Commission says they are entitled."